HackTCNJ 2021


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Q: What is HackTCNJ?
A: HackTCNJ is a 48 hour event where participants create a "hack", a project of the teams creative choice.

Q: Where is HackTCNJ 2021 taking place?
A: HackTCNJ will be a virtual hackathon, meaning that all hackers will participate from home.

Q: Do I need to pay an entrance fee to participate?
A: No, you do not. HackTCNJ is free for anyone to participate in.

Q: Where do I sign up?
A: Right now, enter your email in the mailing list, and when the official sign up period begins, you will be notified.

Q: If I am not a student at TCNJ, can I participate in HackTCNJ?
A: Yes, of course. We allow anyone with an interest in our hackathon to participate.

Q: I have no coding knowledge, can I still participate?
A: Yes you can. There will be mentors and student volunteers to assist you and help you get started.

Q: How big or small does my team have to be?
A: It is recommended that you keep your team size between 2 and 4 people.

Q: Are we allowed to build off of past projects and submit them at HackTCNJ 2021?
A: No, you must start a new project that has started development during HackTCNJ 2021.

If you have any other questions not answered here, feel free to contact us at hacktcnj2021@gmail.com.

If your company is interested in sponsoring our event, reach out to us at hacktcnj2021@gmail.com.

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