FEBRUARY 23-24, 2019

Education Building



HackTCNJ is an annual hackathon at The College of New Jersey.

Hosted by TCNJ ACM

Hacking is all about building things that you always wanted to have but no one has built it yet. It's to come up with an amazing idea and work tirelessly on it. It is to fail, and fail again until you achieve your goals. Try out new things and learn while becoming a hacker at HackTCNJ.

Join the close-knit HackTCNJ community in Ewing, New Jersey this year to hack your dream project, sharpen your skills, or begin your journey by discovering as a hacker! Find other talented students from the tri-state area and beyond to work and socialize with. Discover recruiting opportunities from great companies and spend 24 hours to show off your full potential.

Have fun with it! We'll have a super time.

HackTCNJ is a hackathon, where student engineers, designers, and entrepreneurs gather to create innovative software projects. HackTCNJ is a 24-hour event that is free for students to participate in. Sponsor companies support the event by sending monetary donations and representatives. We would love to work with you to be one of our valued sponsors for this event. HackTCNJ is taking place on February 23rd and 24th, 2019 at The College of New Jersey in Ewing, NJ (about an hour from New York City and 45 minutes from Philadelphia).

We would love to work with you if you are interested in sponsoring us.
Please contact us at acm@tcnj.edu to start the conversation!


10:00 AM

11:00 AM
Opening Ceremony

12:00 PM (Noon)
Hacking Starts! Android for Beginners (hacking alternative) Also Starts! And Team Formation Session Starts!

1:00 PM

2:00 PM
Brainstorming Session

4:00 PM
Slack App Workshop

6:00 PM

8:00 PM
Cup Stacking!

12:00 AM (Midnight)
Midnight Snack

8:00 AM

12:00 PM (Noon)
Hacking Ends!

12:30 PM
Devpost Submissions Due

1:00 PM
Demos/Judging Starts

2:00 PM
Demos/Judging Ends

2:30 PM
Closing Ceremony


Do I need to pay any money to attend the Hackathon?

No. HackTCNJ is completely free to attend for all participants. Food and swag will be given out for free to all!

Do I need to have any specific qualifications to be a participant for the Hackathon?

If you love to code, want to learn to code, or have any interests in computing, you are more than welcome to participate in the Hackathon!

Will travel reimbursements be available?

Gas will be reimbursed for anyone driving from the tri-state area (NJ, NY, PA, and CT) to HackTCNJ. We do not provide reimbursement for flights.

Can high school students participate?

Yes. HackTCNJ is open to all undergraduate college and high school students. Please be aware that if will be under 18 years old at any time during the event, you must have your guardian sign the Minor Participation Waiver.


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If you will be a minor at any time during the event, you must have your guardian sign the Minor Participation Waiver.


Questions? Comments?

Email us at acm@tcnj.edu